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The European Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) requires pilots to complete a renewal training if the rating has expired. Our ATO will design a tailored renewal course in accordance with the time elapsed since the expiration date, where we will evaluate your experience, the number of hours on the plane that need to be renewed, the number of hours on planes of the same family and especially, the time elapsed since your last simulator or rating flight.

These studies together with the course designed to suit your needs, we will be able to renewal your rating in a minimum time, at the best available price and with the best instruction.

During the course we will use all our available means: theoretical tutors, CBTs, FTD and Class D SIMULATORS.

The courses will be approved by AESA according to EASA Part-FCL regulations.

Training phases


In case this phase is included in the program specially designed for every pilot, it will be carried out with the help of theoretical tutors, CBT,s and, in case the HT decides it this way, Mock-up or FTD will be used.

The CBT will be used for the pilot to be able to refresh his knowledge about the plane.

The CBT will be used in case of need in order to expand his knowledge and consolidate the use of systems in his normal and abnormal parts.


For this phase and for the Proficiency check necessary at the end of the process, class D simulators of renewal type will be used. Every session will be custom-designed for every pilot, in order to make the most out of everyone of them, the reason is that every session is personalized. We will devote special attention to all the development and learning process of the pilot, in order to improve the knowledge of fails and solutions, the management of the Cockpit, the situational awareness development and decision making.

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